1:1 Mentorships and Coaching

With 1:1 coaching and mentorships, we are able to customize the most effective supportive path for your unique body / heart / mind / spirit.

This is truly my favorite way to offer guidance and support.

If you are ready to step into commitment for your voice, truth and purpose, opening your life to new inspiration, it is my passion to be your guide and support.

Coaching and Mentorship is offered in the following formats:

All sessions are 60 minutes:


one off sessions

6 and 8 session series

 12 -24 session 6 month mentorships

Mentorships and Coaching are custom designed for you, and may include:

Beginning - advanced vocal technique and training for singing and speaking

Performance and song coaching

Leadership training

Vocal production for recording

Somatic therapeutics

Nervous system regulation

Trauma informed intuitive coaching

Energy cultivation and healing through  Taoist 5 element QiGong

The Art of Ritual

Nada Yoga / Sound Healing

Advocacy, consent and boundary trainings

Creativity Coaching

Folk songs, ancestral songs, eastern modal systems and devotional music

Ear Training And Musicality 1:1 Course

Each session is 30 mins, designed specifically for you if you feel you cannot “carry a tune” and would love to begin your singing path.


This is a proven somatic based method that is highly effective and rewarding.


8 session series minimum.

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Sonja is a soulful teacher, whose knowledge and wisdom is wide & deep. I left feeling more centered in the truth of who I am and what I care about.

And I am now finding myself expressing in sound more than ever before! Oh the sounds that emit from me now!

I can't wait to dive deeper with this masterful, healing sound queen.


Robin Sol Lieberman

Sonja's teaching is one of a kind. It is what I have been missing since I moved here to the States. In my childhood in Germany our music teacher would teach us songs and their harmonies from all over the world. It gave us an understanding and feel for all the cultures in this world. It was an amazing feeling when we are able to sing a song in three harmonies after she patiently taught us. The sound of our voices gave me shivers down my back. I am a repeat student whenever she comes from a distance to teach.


Marion Weaver