$127.00 USD

Vocal Therapeutics

Sonja’s courses for voice and somatic healing come from that same well as her genius artistry. There is a depth, an understanding of the source power of voice and music paired with the rational skills of therapeutic sciences, healing lineages and music theories. Hers is a well of never ending flow of healing and expansion through voice.

Through Sonja, I have found a key through to move my old limitations around my voice and expression. Like everything, it takes that commitment to practice and when adhered to, the own well of voice healing also is ever flowing. I highly recommend for you to share in Sonja’s world of voice.

Schirin Chams-Diba professional dancer, group facilitator and hypnotherapist

Sonja is a soulful teacher, whose knowledge and wisdom is wide & deep. I left feeling more centered in the truth of who I am and what I care about.

And I am now finding myself expressing in sound more than ever before! Oh the sounds that emit from me now!

I can't wait to dive deeper with this masterful, healing sound queen.

Robin Sol Lieberman