Voice of the Luminous Pearl


OVOS Founding Members Womxn’s Mentorship

A community of support, guidance, wisdom, empathy and compassionate accountability

A sanctuary for voice, somatics, ritual, artistry and leadership training for the creative womxn


Are you longing to step fully into your creative potential, and wish you had a core community of aligned women on parallel paths and sharing mutual support within a circle of empowerment?


You are not alone!


6 months beginning June 14th. 

This is for the womxn:

- who has been told she is “too sensitive” yet secretly knows the superpower of her sensitivity

- who once had creative and passion, is burned out, yet ready to reclaim her inspiration and drive

- who is in transformation and is finding who she is now in this world as a creative being

- who is a trauma survivor with wisdom and knowledge to bring into this world through her unique experience

- who listens to the muse, yet has not been able to fully manifest her visions and what she hears into the world

- who knows she has new worlds to give birth to, yet feels stuck or overwhelmed

- who is in her creative fire and yet wants ground and support

- who knows the power of her voice and her truth, and is ready to unleash it

- who is ready to advocate for herself and others who have been silenced

- who sings in ceremony, and wants to integrate transformational experiences with her voice into her daily life

 - who has denied claiming herself as the artist and creative force that she is

Step fully with us into your path of grace with your unique gifts, where synchronicity, magic and harmony unfolds

Supported by a community of intrepid, radiant women on parallel paths, with hearts and voices ready to soar


This is the first curated, group mentorship offered, of which you will be a founding member of by joining. Founding members will inherently have an influence on the shape and color of the group’s creation by being a part of it's core foundation.


What’s included:

1 advanced group training per month

1 song or practice share / accountability / Q&A per month

1 private session per month

1 private Whats App and online portal community

Access to the entire library of content in the online portal

Downloadable meditations

Optional: song or completed project share every 3 months.

Optional: additional 1:1 accountability buddy

Free live access to Opening the Voice of the Soul

In these times, we are emerging from collective isolation. As women, our voices continue to rise from what has been the persistent patriarchal system. It’s the time to find and know the safety in voicing our truth and let our voices be heard. It’s time to sing our songs and let our heart’s soar.

The natural world awaits our remembrance and re-connection into the creative cycles of life itself. When we find our support, connect into the natural creation cycles, and root into in our essential life force, we step into our greatest service.

When we find and know safety and support in our bodies and our environment, we can then act in advocacy for self and others who have been silenced, and can live as the unique creator and transformational being that we are born to be.

The invitation is here to integrate all we have experienced; trauma, motherhood, profound love, loss and heartbreak, illness, injuries, successes, failures, …(everything) throughout our heroines journey into Embodied Wisdom. All of it- integrates into our gifts, including and especially, our greatest wounds.

Only you can create in this world through the unique vehicle of your heart, body, mind, spirit and voice, shaped by your heroines journey.

Only you have the gift and wisdom that is the culmination of everything that has made you who you are today. This is your Luminous Pearl.

The Voice of the Luminous Pearl mentorship is designed to be the support system for integration, healing, regulating, and mining the diamond of your unique creations.




A sanctuary to show up as you are,  to excuse the inner critique, and be in a safe community of womxn on parallel paths. This is our space for transformational practices and the fueling of our creative spirits.


A community of support, inspiration and compassionate accountability. To grow through your edges, be seen, heard and to be supported as we up level our creative projects, to be held as we empty into clear vessels, and integrate our experiences as artists and creators in this world.

 A network of powerful women on their creative and healing paths, including artists, professional singers, musicians and coaches, therapists, teachers and entrepreneurs, with the opportunity of ongoing support and inspiration lasting well beyond the conclusion of our 6 month mentorship.

 Your resource. Inside our private portal, there is a growing library of both inner and outer resources for your transformational life path as a creator.

A safe, supported and inspiring place for:

Opening your voice for pure expression

Connecting with your current truths

Co-regulation and compassionate accountability

Self initiation into new levels of artistry and leadership

Refine personal boundaries and practice embodied consent

Discover and hone your inner and outer resources

Thank you for your interest! Our Summer-Winter group is full and registration is closed. Please fill out the application to be added on the waiting list. You will be contacted if a spot opens in July, or when we begin again next year. 



Robin Sol Lieberman

Sonja is a soulful teacher, whose knowledge and wisdom is wide & deep. I left feeling more centered in the truth of who I am and what I care about.

And I am now finding myself expressing in sound more than ever before! Oh the sounds that emit from me now!

I can't wait to dive deeper with this masterful, healing sound queen.


Robin Sol Lieberman

Robin Sol Lieberman

Sonja’s courses for voice and somatic healing come from that same well as her genius artistry. There is a depth, an understanding of the source power of voice and music paired with the rational skills of therapeutic sciences, healing lineages and music theories. Hers is a well of never ending flow of healing and expansion through voice.

Through Sonja, I have found a key through to move my old limitations around my voice and expression. Like everything, it takes that commitment to practice and when adhered to, the own well of voice healing also is ever flowing. I highly recommend for you to share in Sonja’s world of voice.


Schirin Chams-Diba - professional dancer, group facilitator and hypnotherapist

Robin Sol Lieberman

My work with Sonja has been transformational.  Not only has my singing improved, but I have also been granted access to a deeper part of myself that longed to be free.  Through mentorship with her, I quickly gained the technique tools I needed to become a confident public singer.  In the group workshop setting, I have learned the power of harmonies to unify and connect with people on a soul level.

I get goosebumps every time!  Her teaching style is clear, simple and kind. I hope to train with her for years to come.


Faelan Snow-Shiva- professional dancer and yoga teacher

Robin Sol Lieberman

My experience in Sonja's OVOS workshop 1 and 2, was nothing short of extraordinarily transformational.

She is a gifted and intuitive facilitator ,generously passing on a lifetime's work, experience and research.

Sonja is a rare treasure in the world of music and Somatic Therapies and I am keenly anticipating the next offering. If you are presented with an opportunity to take a course, do not hesitate.



Jennifer DeGrassi - Composer -Teacher and -Holistic VoiceTherapist

Robin Sol Lieberman

I am so grateful for Sonja’s work and all of her offerings. I have worked with her in Opening the Voice of the Soul workshops 1 & 2 as well as privately. After working with her, I not only feel stronger technically and more literate musically, I also feel more in my body and connected to a healthy self-esteem. I feel so held and encouraged to embody my whole, creative self. Sonja has truly mastered her healing art—authentically and humbly—all while exposing you to the power and meaning from traditions all over the world. I’ve worked with other singing instructors, but none so tapped into themselves or the divine energy behind their voice. Most of all, in her group work I feel so nourished and supported emotionally and spiritually by her and everyone who participates. It is a safe space to be vulnerable and to explore creativity regardless of skill level. I believe it is helping pave a path for more love to exist on this planet as we learn to share our gifts with less judgment, ego, or fear. I’m looking forward to any and all future offerings! Mahalo nui loa!


Angeline Marsland - Student