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Vocal Therapeutics

Vocal Therapeutics

August 19th-20th 

11am -1pm PST 

Unveil the innate healing power of the voice for sound, speech and song therapies. This course is designed for those interested in using the voice and breath for nervous system regulation and somatic healing. 

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Opening the Voice of the Soul

Opening the Voice of the Soul

Wednesday Evenings 6-8pm PST

August 9th, 16th, 30th, Sept 6th, 13th 

OVOS is the synthesis of most effective practices and vocal coaching of Voice and Somatic Therapeutics method.

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OVOS Women’s Mentorship

Our 2nd year of Membership begins the first week of October 2023 

Application process is Open!

A sanctuary of support, guidance, wisdom, empathy and skills for the creative woman.

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1:1 Mentorships and Coaching

Step into a commitment for your voice, truth, and purpose, opening your life to new inspiration.

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Ear Training And Musicality 1:1 Course

A proven somatic-based method that is highly effective and rewarding. 8 session series minimum.

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Voice and Ritual

Discover both the science-based and esoteric healing aspects of the voice as the power of creation itself.

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Vocal Therapeutics

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Vocal Therapeutics is the foundation course for the Voice and Somatic Therapeutics method. Through deep integration of whole body awareness, somatic and sound therapies, nervous system regulation and subtle body cultivation, we find healing and integration with our sensitivities and energy. We will explore the voice as our unique and powerful birthright for stress relief, nervous system regulation and trauma release.

We will explore sound therapy, the medicinal use of the human voice in healing, the power of Vagus nerve toning, and the purpose of singing in context of social bonds and community healing. This is an experiential course, with the majority of time in practice, in order to become intimately aware of the benefits of the practices together, and in your own time. As a trauma informed facilitator and coach, my commitment is to provide an environment of safety and co-regulation. If you attend live, you will never be “put on the spot” and are welcome to be on or off camera.

Together, we will unveil the innate healing power of the voice for sound, speech and song therapies. as well as practicing effective vocal technique, meditation, Qigong, visualization, esoteric Taoism, and Yogic arts.


These are live, interactive sessions, with plenty of opportunity for feedback and without ever being put on the spot to share. 


Course Content:


In our time together, we will learn, practice and explore: 


Vagus nerve stimulation through the voice, breath, massage and movement


Uncovering subconscious hindrances around open our voice


How the voice is our custom designed, unique tool for healing


Becoming a Vessel between heaven and Earth with QiGong


The art of deep listening


Traditional Taoist, Buddhist and Vedic healing sounds


Trauma informed Breath work


Nervous system regulation through the breath and voice


Healing Songs 


Somatic Inquiry practices


Techniques for creating pure, resonate tone


Support and relaxation as we liberate our voices


Opening our creative subtle energy centers 


 Our connection between the voice and the womb 


Sound, Speech and Song therapies

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Opening the Voice of the Soul

Opening the Voice of the Soul (OVOS) is the synthesis of most effective practices and vocal coaching of Voice and Somatic Therapeutics method. Here you will find the method for opening your voice for speaking, singing, voicing your truth and living your purpose. It is a unique combination of nervous system regulation, somatics, breath work, structural release, subtle body awareness and neuro-re-wiring,  providing a strong foundation for vocal and singing development and whole body integration and healing.

This course provides a solid foundation for the lives and careers of artists, singers, high level performance athletes, creatives, coaches and those in all walks of life, looking for ways to cultivate ones inner resources for well being. It provides a solid foundation of daily practices for healing and integrating mind/ body/ heart and spirit in everyday life.

Opening the Voice of the Soul

Designed to help students cultivate and master:

Connecting with your inherent birthright of pure, unlimited expression
Finding confidence and trust in voicing your truth

Freeing your speaking and singing voice

Cultivating pure, resonant tone- in any language or style
Gaining strength, confidence and ease in singing, speaking and Being
Nervous system regulation and breath work
Resiliency training
Supportive community and creative accountability
Honing and refining your relationship to singing and artistry
The art of mantra, vocal sound healing, embodiment and vital energy training
Ear training and modal music training
Imagination, synesthesia, clairvoyance and intuition training
Ancestral folk song repertoire
Knowing oneself as a creative being and artist in service in the world

This is a LIVE course, balanced with full content for replay only participants, and rich, interactive, live learning. Each class is recorded, therefore you will have access to every class to review at your own time. This is an opportunity to dive into vocal practice and somatic therapy within a safe, supportive container and immersive approach. 

This is a space for healing, connecting and support though transformative artistic and personal development, guided by a certified trauma informed somatic therapy coach. For those who are able to attend live, you will have opportunities to volunteer, and yet will never be put on the spot. You will be able to sing along privately in your own space.

What's included: 

2 hour live sessions per week with 24/7 replay access

Pre-recorded guided practices 

Private What's App community for the duration of the course with options of ongoing community support 

Join our community as we dive deep into unveiling our authentic voice, our inner wellspring of health, and our vital life force.

Registration is now closed. Please email [email protected] to join the waitlist for the next OVOS course.

Which course should I take?

Vocal Therapeutics is focused on vocal and subtle energy healing modalities, nervous system regulation and Vagal nerve toning. We also learn 2 healing songs specific to healing and calming the nervous system.

It is focused on opening our bodies for the voice. It's a wonderful preliminary course for Opening the Voice of the Soul, and at the same time, it ventures deeper into the subtleties of what is actually happening when we sing and how to open our instrument in a way that is most impactful for listeners and also the most healing for ourselves.

OVOs (Opening the Voice of the Soul) does include some of the above, yet is it also focused on vocal training, singing, creative development, and learning ancestral folk songs from my teaching repertoire.


If you are unsure, and / or interested in both courses, yet finances are an issue, I got you!

In my commitment for these trainings to be accessible despite financial circumstances, we created the Vocal Therapeutic and Opening the Voice of the Soul: Supported Access Bundle which is $70 off the cost of both courses.

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Exploring the realms of vocal expression, ancestral song and polyphonic harmony with Sonja has been so deeply nourishing and inspiring both on a personal soul level and on an artistic, professional level. Her teachings have informed my own spiritual and creative practices with their nuance and grace, and the songs I have learned from her have become integral offerings made again and again throughout my days and nights.


━ Eve Bradford

Sonja is a gifted teacher with a deep knowledge of techniques that improve vocal quality and foster the connection between body, breath, heart, and voice. She makes her students feel at ease and is attuned to their individual needs. Working with Sonja has been fundamental to my growth as a professional singer.

━ Jeannette Ferber

Sonja has always been a source of deep inspiration as an artist and as a teacher. She believes in me and my voice (far more than I do), and her unconditional acceptance, support, and patience have encouraged me to further build my confidence and trust my expression. Sonja is a warm, kind, wildly talented (yet unpretentious), profound (yet lighthearted), authentic and divine being – qualities that reverberate through her teaching and performance offerings.

━ Goyo Aranga

Voice and Ritual

In this course we will dive into the process of unveiling our essential power and freedom through the voice. We will implement vocal technique, meditation, qigong, visualization, ritual and toning. These teachings are based in esoteric Taoism, western mysticism, and yogic arts.

Our speech and language greatly change our life- therefore, we will bring conscious awareness into our habits of internal and external dialogues, and implement transformational practices to ritualize our voices for conscious creation. We will unveil our pure, natural tone, discovering overtones and the full range of our voice. We will open ourselves to grace, and experience ourselves as a pure vessel for the creative force.

In 8 Live Sessions You’ll discover:

The voice as our powerful instrument of creation

Our connection to Logos through ancient sound technologies

Unblocking and healing the relationship to one’s voice  

The medicinal use of the human voice

Prayer, Mantra and Dream Yoga

Sacred seed syllables and invocations

Imagination, synesthesia, clairvoyance and intuition training

Nervous system regulation and vagus nerve stimulation through the voice and the breath

Unveiling the voice and cultivating pure tone for sound, speech and song therapies

Knowing oneself as a creative being and artist being of service in the world

Ready to discover your connection between the voice and ritual?

8 Sessions

1.5 Hours/ Session

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Sonja is a soulful teacher, whose knowledge and wisdom is wide & deep. I left feeling more centered in the truth of who I am and what I care about.

And I am now finding myself expressing in sound more than ever before! Oh the sounds that emit from me now!

I can't wait to dive deeper with this masterful, healing sound queen.


Robin Sol Lieberman

Sonja's teaching is one of a kind. It is what I have been missing since I moved here to the States. In my childhood in Germany our music teacher would teach us songs and their harmonies from all over the world. It gave us an understanding and feel for all the cultures in this world. It was an amazing feeling when we are able to sing a song in three harmonies after she patiently taught us. The sound of our voices gave me shivers down my back. I am a repeat student whenever she comes from a distance to teach.


Marion Weaver